Good Relations Week 2021 Events

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An Ulster Gaelic Bible Film

This event tracks the journey taken by a well-known working-class unionist, Brian Ervine, whose Christian beliefs led him to take an interest in a Bible in the Ulster dialect of the Irish language.

Organiser: East Belfast Mission

1:00 pm

Can we build a Shared Future and what would it look like?

This event is in keeping with the theme ‘Brighter Days Ahead ‘and will focus on reconciliation as participants engage on the topic – “Can we build a Shared Future and what would it look like?”

Organiser: Fermanagh Churches Forum

10:30 am

Cathedral Community Association Street Party

Video footage of the residents of the Cathedral Community street party. The Cathedral Community Street party aims to bring the community residents together by working together to achieve a shared vision - a street party!

Organiser: Cathedral Community Association

2:00 pm