A talk on The History of Boomhall

A Talk on Boomhall, a Georgian Villa, Stables, Walled Garden and Landscape Parkland occupied in the past by Major Merchant Families engaged in the Emigration and Goods Trades with North America, Caribbean and the Baltic, as well as being major players in administration of India and South Africa.

RCN commend CRC in Good Relations Week 2020

RCN’s Chair John Waddell and Director Kate Clifford commended the Community Relations Council for its support to RCN and the peace process over the last 30 years as part of Good Relations Week 2020.

Newry, Mourne & Down Ethnic Minority Centre – Information Sessions

Newry Mourne and Down Ethnic Minority Support Centre rolled out a programme of support through information and awareness sessions across the District to ensure that all migrant families feel safe and respected and their life choices will not be influenced by the uncertainty of their future status.

This video compilation showcases the range of information sessions delivered by the Newry Mourne and Down Ethnic Minority Support Centre.