Celebrating Good Relations in MEA: P7 Schools Engagement Programme

This programme has been running in Mid and East Antrim since 2016 and engaged with approximately 1000 Year 7 pupils from across the Borough. Learn more about the project and hear some feedback from teachers. Also included in our showcase is a short film about “What is Good Relations?” made for the Year 7s. We also have some photographs from a range of events delivered across the years to share.

As part of our P7 Schools Engagement Programme, we developed a short video explaining the Good Relations programme and what it is trying to achieve for the Borough. This short film is included in the virtual package being developed for 2020/21.

Real Eyes | Realise | Real Lies : A Photographic Exhibition

In March 2019, Larne Museum & Arts Centre hosted a photographic exhibition by Millbrook Youth Group entitled ‘Real Eyes | Realise | Real Lies’. Supported by the Education Authority, a group of young men aged 17-19 from Millbrook, Larne, completed an OCN in Good Relations and Cultural Diversity. Some went on to participate in a Northern Ireland/Finland exchange, while others completed an OCN in Youth Leadership. To end the project, the young men took photographs of various locations around Northern Ireland, and researched some of the historical events in our recent history. The subsequent exhibition consisted of a selection of images, inspired by Banksy, which highlighted the absurdity of our language in a political and contemporary context.

Millbrook Youth Group: A Photographic Exhibition

In March 2016, Larne Museum & Arts Centre hosted a photographic exhibition by Millbrook Youth Group. Supported by the Education Authority, young people from Millbrook, Larne, completed a Good Relations course in August 2014. From December 2014, these young people visited many sites around Larne and further afield, and documented their learning. The end result was a series of pictures that reflected their experiences of seeing some of Northern Ireland’s cultural, political & historical landmarks.

Inorganic Matter Live Performance

Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum held a virtual live event in the Museum of Free Derry with our Health Champions band, Inorganic Matter, made up of young people from the local community.

Celebrating Springboard’s Journey

Springboard Opportunities presents a compilation video that looks back on the organisation’s work in 2020 that has created opportunities for young people to come together to build peace and promote mutual understanding for a better future.

This year, Springboard were asked to think differently, they had to think creatively and come together like never before to ensure that the young people they work were supported.  The video will celebrate what has gone before and what we can learn from this for a better future. It  will showcase the workshops in schools that explore different cultures and communities, the activities with 16-24 year old’s that act as a safe place to share their thoughts and values, and the opportunities that allow lasting friendships to form and barriers to be broken.

‘Imagined Futures’

Waterside Neighbourhood Partnership organised 3 workshops for young people aged 13 + to work with poets to discuss their ideas and hope for the future of Derry, the changes they want to see and how to increase the use of shared spaces within the City. This culminated in a series of short powerful messages that were sketched onto badges to be distributed throughout the City on Culture Night.


Around the World in 5 Nights

Clanmil Housing presents a series of Bedtime Stories every night at 7pm throughout Good Relations Week by storyteller Liz Weir and guests.

Each story comes from a different country and will be told in English and that country’s native language. Enjoy learning about different cultures around the world and have a lovely night’s sleep!

A downloadable version of the children’s stories will be available on our facilitator Craic NI’s website: www.craicni.com/


Our Lives, Our Journey, Our Culture – Video Compilation

Multi-Ethnic Sports and Cultures NI (MSCNI) presents a video compilation of how the organisation brings young people of various community backgrounds together and uses sports as a medium to help unite irrespective of their race, colour, sex or origin.

Partition – An Animated Journey

The content showcased a range of ‘Creative Centenaries’ resources developed as part of “Making the Future” – a major culture programme funded by PEACEIV managed by SEUPB.

It included a new 2.5D animation offering an overview of the period, an interactive schools resource examining partitions impact in West Belfast and flip through comic books on the lives of influential people from the time. The resources are designed to improve community relations and the continuing journey towards a more united and shared society.


An outdoor screening of ‘Tellyscope’ – a youth arts performance showcasing the work of participants of Crosslinks, a cross community good relations project.

Tellyscope highlighted the events of the 2019 through the eyes of out young people allowing them to voice what matters to them and what is impacting them.