Preparing the ground for cooperation and partnership

St Columb’s Park House is hosting an event to officially launch their 25 year strategic plan and they would like to invite groups and organisations who would have an interest in working together towards a common purpose in the future. This event aims to create a space for groups to explore synergies and opportunities to be more impactful through collaborative working.

To attend this event please contact  Helen Henderson on Tel: 028 7134 3080 or email:

The politics of identity with Lord Patten

Lord Patten of Barnes’ speech earlier this year in Belfast City Hall to mark the 20th anniversary of the Equality Commission and the NI Human Rights Commission touched on his memories of Dr Ian Paisley when he first came to Northern Ireland, and talks about the reform of policing and Northern Ireland’s changing society.

Content filmed and edited by Alan Meban

Does political violence work. A talk by Professor Richard English

A talk by Professor Richard English. Richard English is Professor of Politics at Queen’s University Belfast, where he is also Distinguished Professorial Fellow in the Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice, and the University’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Internationalisation and Engagement.

Between 2011 and 2016 he was Wardlaw Professor of Politics in the School of International Relations, and Director of the Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at the University of St Andrews. He is the author of eight books, including the award-winning studies Armed Struggle: The History of the IRA (2003) and Irish Freedom: The History of Nationalism in Ireland (2006). His most recent book, Does Terrorism Work? A History, was published by Oxford University Press.

He is a frequent media commentator on terrorism and political violence, and on Irish politics and history.

Content filmed and edited by Alan Meban.

TBUC Ambassadors – Online Workshop

Members of the EA Youth Service TBUC team will facilitate a discussion based workshop with the TBUC Ambassadors group to explore the continued importance of Good Relations work in the context of the ongoing global pandemic.

Members of the Ambassadors group, who represent almost all of the council areas in Northern Ireland, will have the opportunity to engage in Q&A and reflect on the importance of their role as young people empowered to champion positive change within their individual communities and Northern Ireland as a whole.

This is a closed event for TBUC Ambassadors. 

Open Doors

A feature Zoom talk by two people – one from the nationalist community and one from the unionist community – who will discuss the work they do as part of the Open Doors project to promote good relations and the lessons they have learnt along the way.

The Open Doors project works with ex political prisoners and former combatants. The discussion will inform participants of the positive relations the project has built with ex prisoners/combatants across the political divide and  share the lessons learnt throughout the journey in building positive relations.

To join this Zoom panel discussion click:

The ‘State’ of Northern Ireland

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council presents  a six-week shared history training programme aimed at exploring key historical events in Northern Ireland from the Home Rule crisis to Partition and the Civil Right Movements. This free programme, delivered on-line by Martin Snoddon, Northern Spring, aims to raise awareness with local people of events and experiences throughout this key period in our history.  

The sessions will begin on Thursday 17 September 2020, 7.00pm – 9.00pm

To register for this programme please email: /

Places are limited and participants will be expected to commit to all six sessions.

Women, Peace & Security in a post-COVID world

Women’s Resource and Development Agency presents a Virtual Conference to help mark the 20th anniversary of UN SCR 1325, which acknowledged the unique impact of conflict on women and girls; and recommended the adaptation of a gendered perspective to understanding peacebuilding and reconstruction after conflict.

Twenty-two years after our own peace agreement was signed, what have we still to learn about the role of women in building a lasting peace?  The Conference will discuss also recommendations covered in the Women’s Policy Group’s Feminist Recovery Plan and hear from a panel of experts in peacebuilding.

To register for this virtual conference email:

From “the Muddy Byways of Fermanagh and Tyrone” to Partition and Two Irish States 1918-22

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council in association with Rural Community Network and NI Screen present an online talk by renowned historian Dr Eamon Phoenix that will examine the key historical events in Ireland in the years 1918 – 1922.  The talk will include unseen footage of key events including the treaty negotiations and will have particular emphasis on the local angle and personalities in the Fermanagh and Omagh District Council area. The talk will be followed with a question and answer session.

This event will help promote good relations because it examines the differing perspectives on the legacy of the past. It will help participants to have a better understanding of the past and help them to move on to a shared future based on mutual respect.

Good Relations and Knowing Racial History: Embracing a More Just Future’

Irish School of Ecumenics in association with Fermanagh Churches Forum and Fermanagh and Omagh District Council presents ‘Good Relations and Knowing Racial History; Embracing a More Just Future’ – an online talk by Dr. Johnston McMaster who is an expert in political and public theology. He will explore lessons from history and the principles and values which will be the foundation of a more just future.

Attendees from different backgrounds will have an opportunity to discuss and reflect on the subject matter in small groups. In a plenary sessions Dr. McMaster will respond to questions and comments and provide clarifications.