Good Relations over 30 years

Northern Ireland Screen’s Digital Film Archive has worked with Community Relations Council to create a selection of programmes that showcase and celebrate the work of people and communities in creating and sustaining good relations in Northern Ireland from 1990.

Showcase of music created on Cultural Harmony Community Engagement Programme

The event showcased Cultural Harmony – a project which is part of “Making the Future” – a major culture programme funded by PEACEIV managed by SEUPB.

Cultural Harmony encouraged its participants to explore music against the backdrop of conflict in the music scene of Northern Ireland in the 70s and 80s. With inputs from prominent figures in the music scene such as John O’Neill and Stuart Bailie, the project brought about thoughtful conversations about music, memory and identity.

The project is part of the ‘Culture Lab’ strand of the programme and delivered by Nerve Centre.


Postcards from the Edge

Postcards From the Edge is a new online exhibition – delivered by Linen Hall Library and Nerve Centre – featuring work created by participants from different community backgrounds coming together to express aspects of their post-conflict lives in postcard format, including artistic displays and thought-provoking writing.

The programme involved a group of participants from across Northern Ireland and border counties coming together to explore the past through examining Linen Hall Library’s political postcard collection and to take part in a series of creative workshops led by industry professionals.

The exhibition is part of the “Making the Future” – a major culture programme funded by PEACEIV managed by SEUPB.

CultureLab Online Exhibition

This virtual exhibition was created as part of “Making the Future” – a major culture programme funded by PEACEIV managed by SEUPB.

The project is part of the ‘Culture Lab’ strand of the programme and delivered by National Museums NI and Nerve Centre.

CultureLab is a major exhibition which launched in the Ulster Museum in February just prior to lockdown that was designed to explore cultural stereotypes and pose questions around issues of culture and identity.

When the museum closed due to the covid-19 pandemic, the project team began designing an online representation of the exhibition. The website allows visitors to virtually experience everything the exhibition has to offer and celebrates our cultural diversity in a thought provoking way.

Creative Centenaries Comic Book Showcase

The Nerve Centre’s Creative Centenaries project has developed a suite of graphic novels focused on real-life characters from Ireland’s Decade of Centenaries. This event showcased these resources and how they can be downloaded and used for free.

The graphic novels were developed with our shared history in mind, highlighting prominent figures and events important to both nationalist and unionist communities on this island. From Constance Markiewicz to Lady Londonderry, the Battle of Messines to the Easter Rising; the history of the turbulent decade leading up to the creation of Northern Ireland and the Free State is covered in insightful detail. These resources aim to complement the curriculum, as well as to supplement it.

Developed as part of “Making the Future” – a major culture programme funded by PEACE IV and managed by SEUPB, this event was part of the ‘Creative Centenaries’ strand of the programme and delivered by Nerve Centre.


This online exhibition entitled ‘A PEACE OF ME’ showcased reflections of participants who have journeyed with us here at Building Communities Resource Centre, either individually or as a group.

These reflection pieces took many forms of delivery such as music, poetry, photography, craft and art and be representative of the good relations work that has taken place within our Borough of Causeway Coast and Glens.

Through our ongoing community development work on the ground, we have seen the natural progression of community relations and good relations take root through increased partnership, collaboration, trust and friendship. All pieces will remain anonymous.

Diversity Boxes Project: Sion Mills

A short film documenting the Rural Housing Association’s Diversity Boxes Project in partnership with ArtsEkta. The Diversity boxes project delivered educational boxes full of cultural fact sheets, arts and crafts and recipes inspired by cultures from around the world to over 70 families in Sion Mills, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project aimed to promote respect for diversity and provides families with the opportunity to explore cultures from around the world whilst at home. The finale was a series of cultural performances in several locations across Sion Mills (all socially distanced) in August.