Sustainable Peacebuilding

Corrymeela and Tearfund invite us to think about how years of trauma have left physical, mental and spiritual scars in our community and how this can be true for those who have chosen to be in the work of recovery and reconciliation. How do we work towards Sustainable Peacebuilding?

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Belfast City Council

The Corrymeela Community

Organiser Bio:

Corrymeela  is Northern Ireland's oldest peace and reconciliation organisation. It has over fifty years of experience working alongside fractured communities and groups who are finding their relationships difficult, as well as addressing relational, societal, structural and power dynamics. Corrymeela work alongside people from youth and school groups, family and community organisations, faith communities and political parties.

Contact Name: Shona Bell

Contact Number: 028 9050 8080

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Address: 83 University Street Belfast BT7 1HP

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