PEACE IV Virtual Tour of City Cemetery

PEACE IV Virtual Tour of City Cemetery in association with Memory Lane Tours – Providing a rich history of the site, the virtual tour will educate participants on the history of the City, the influential and final resting places of famous people in Belfast.

The tour covers cross community narratives regarding legacy of the past, Titanic, suffragettes, men and women of both world wars, industrialists of the City and pioneers of education. There will be a Q&A opportunity for participants to interact and learn from each other, provide differing perspectives and appreciate viewpoints.

The tour will celebrate diversity, explore history in a sensitive manner and build mutual understanding and facilitate interaction between participants from divided neighbourhoods.

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Belfast City Council

PEACE IV at Belfast City Council

Organiser Bio: The Belfast PEACE IV Local Action Plan has been designed to address local needs, to be inclusive in nature and provide opportunities for all citizens across the city to be involved in peace building and reconciliation activities. Belfast City Council's Shared City Partnership oversees the implementation of the Belfast PEACE IV Local Action Plan.

Contact Name: Katie Oliver

Contact Number: 075 5795 8488

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Address: Cecil Ward Building 4-10 Linenhall Street Belfast BT2 8BP

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