Bollywood Zumba

A Bollywood zumba session, open to ladies all around the world from right here in Belfast!

The Bollywood dance style is a beautiful blend of Indian dance styles be it classical, folk or the more current R&B, hip hop music.  Bollywood dancing is free and fun with no defined rules like you might find in classical dance styles.  here are no defined rules like classical dance styles.

Whether you want to experience Indian culture or vibrant music and colorful outfits, Bollywood dancing is a glimpse into Indian culture that everyone should experience!

Ladies will learn some of the basic Bollywood dance moves whilst getting the heart pumping and enjoying upbeat Bollywood music.

Join via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 810 1507 9032

Passcode: bollyon

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Belfast City Council

Belfast Asian Women's Academy

Organiser Bio: Belfast Asian Women’s Academy (BAWA) aims to inspire and empower women in a fun and positive way.

Contact Name: Ana Chandran

Contact Number: 07474651096

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Address: 6 Linfield Drive Belfast BT12 5DD

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