The Partition in Ireland/Partition of Ulster exhibition

The Partition in Ireland/Partition of Ulster exhibition and booklet explores local events and local connections to pivotal events that led to the formation of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The planned touring exhibition and workshop programme will be rescheduled for 2021.

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Conflict, Peace: Our Journey, Our Future

Causeway Coast and Glen’s Borough Council’s Good Relations Programme is delighted to invite you to an innovative virtual tour of the “Conflict, Peace: Our Journey, Our Future in collaboration with Conflict Textiles Curator Roberta Bacic. The exhibition and virtual tour invites you to explore the journey from conflict, the fragility of peace, and the need to work collectively to a sustainable and peaceful future.

Through the tactile medium of textiles such as quilts and arpilleras both locally and from around the world, created in different decades, you will be prompted to reflect on the journey towards sustainable peace, and what collective actions we still need to take to secure our future.

If you would like to attend this virtual tour please email Bebhinn McKinley at  

The exhibition will be available from 14th September to 31st October at

BCRC CIVIC Voice Programme

The launch of the ‘BCRC CIVIC Voice Programme’ online resource tool will serve as an informational, educational, and training tool. It will provide links to public political representatives across the political spectrum and enable the civic voice to lobby more effectively. Following on from the launch of the Lobbying guide we will facilitate workshop sessions looking at the new programme for government and the impact of Brexit.

This will enable practitioners, groups and individuals in the community to better understand current government programmes and in so doing can lobby more effectively to their MLA’s and other political leaders, lobbying for issues effecting local communities will help to further develop good relations and improve local services and facilities for everyone.


This On-Line Exhibition entitled ‘A PEACE OF ME’ will showcase reflections of participants who have journeyed with us here at Building Communities Resource Centre, either individually or as a group.

These reflection pieces will take many forms of delivery such as music, poetry, photography, craft and art and be representative of the good relations work that has taken place within our Borough of Causeway Coast and Glens.

Through our ongoing community development work on the ground, we have seen the natural progression of community relations and good relations take root through increased partnership, collaboration, trust and friendship. All pieces will remain anonymous.

100 Voices

This event entitled ‘100 Voices’ will record the thoughts, hopes, experiences and expectations of the forthcoming anniversary of NI 100 years which will take place in May 2021.

This event will be a unique opportunity to reflect on the past and to celebrate the present and to look towards the future. It will be facilitated within a spirit of historical accuracy, mutual respect, inclusiveness and reconciliation which will acknowledge the Decade Principles supported by the Community Relations Council and The Heritage Lottery Fund.

It will be an opportunity for 100 voices representing both young and old, across our diverse society to engage in a project that will create a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Teachers Conference for Shared Education

This video is from the Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council ‘Shared Education’ conference in March 2019 for local schools.

The conference was designed to support schools to engage with one another, thereby increasing opportunities for young people from different backgrounds to socialise together, and allowing young people to be more engaged in bringing the community together.

Taste of Culture

This video is from our Taste of Culture events in Summer 2018. The events were designed to showcase the rich diversity of culture that exists throughout the Causeway Coast & Glens Borough, and to increase the use of shared space and ensure that our Arts Centres are accessible to all.

Who do you think you are? The advantages of a geographic DNA project

Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council presents ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ – a digital talk that will employ DNA sampling and genealogical training workshops to promote discussion about cultural identity. It will explain the advantages of DNA projects with a geographic focus and explore how they can be used to celebrate community identity, as well as the cultural tourism benefits they bring.

The video will be stored (and made available as a legacy of the programme) on the Northern Ireland Community Archive (

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