Refugee women roundtable conversation

A refugee women roundtable conversation held by BOMOKO NI.

This discussion will offer asylum seekers women and women of local communities and associations to interact and build bridges of trust, respect and understanding.

This will also allow each other to learn and respect each others culture, and develop new ways of thinking, new knowledge and different experiences.

Please reserve your place to attend by calling 07488306233

This event will be held at Shaftesbury Community Recreation Centre (LORAG).

Everybody’s Game: Racism Awareness Evening

Through Fresh Start Through Sport programme, young people are coming together to enjoy an evening of football education and fun. Irish FA Foundation Community Relations Officer, Chris Wright, will deliver their Racism Awareness and Equality module ‘Everybody’s Game’, to participants followed by a coaching/game based pitch session and refreshments.

This event will be held at the Newforge Country Club. 

T:BUC Engagement Forum – Good Relations Across the Atlantic

As part of this large forum, Irish FA Community Relations Officer Chris Wright will offer insight into the hugely successful, good relations programme, Connect.

Highlighting its inception during the pandemic, through online only delivery and into face to face and blended delivery, plus the outcomes such as the ambassador programme.

For more information, please contact

NI Sport & Human Rights online forum

As part of their ongoing forum multiple speakers will be in attendance to highlight the pivotal role sport can play in human rights.

Irish FA Foundation Community Relations Officer Chris Wright will deliver a virtual presentation highlighting the recent inaugural Hope Cup, where young participants from various communities from across Northern Ireland came together in the name of BT Sports campaign against online hate, Hope United.

2.30pm – 4.30pm

For more info, please contact


[email protected] Tournament

[email protected] seeks to use Football sport and music to engage young people from all communities through the participation in tournaments throughout the UK.

The National Black Police Association brought the concept to Belfast in 2018 and with the support of PSNI and the IFA Foundation the 3rd tournament in Northern Ireland will be held this year.

Over 150 young people aged 15-17 will take part, with the winners qualifying for the grand final in London in 2022. Catrina Lewis, mum of Northern Ireland International Jamal Lewis is an ambassador for [email protected] and will be in Belfast for the event.

Venue: Newforge Country Club


Meet the Skaters

Belfast Skate Collective is hosting a Skating Jam in Art College / Cathedral Gardens for beginners and new skaters to the scene.  The “Meet the Skaters” event aims to bring the skating community together and make it a safe, inclusive environment for young people to express themselves.

This event is for beginners or young people wanting to know the skate community more and get involved. Meet some of the regulars, get to know a few famous local faces, have a bit of craic, and go skate!

Celebrating Diversity using storybooks

Early Years Quality Mentor, Aoife Lacey explains the importance of using story books with young children and how these can be used effectively to support diversity in the early years setting.