Introduction to Good Relations Week 2021

Good Relations Week is re-introducing physical events in 2021, alongside an expanded virtual offering with online and hybrid events.

Good Relations Week 2021 will run from Monday 20th to Sunday 26th September 2021 – and we’d really love you to get involved!

The theme is ‘Brighter Days Ahead’ which celebrates and spotlights the range of projects young people are involved in to break down barriers, unite communities and act as a catalyst for meaningful change in our society. It will explore many of the issues affecting the youth of today and how society can better meet their needs.

We’d really love you to get involved by hosting a face-to-face event, an online event or creative piece of digital content. This could be a workshop, lecture, discussion panel, music or theatre performance, exhibition, archive video or new short film and lots more.

An event can cover any aspect of your good relations work and doesn’t have to focus specifically on work with young people.

Your involvement and participation will help make Good Relations Week 2021 a success, so please get involved and make this years’ experience one to remember!

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Good Relations Week 2020 is an opportunity to showcase ongoing initiatives and acknowledge the support the Community Relations Council has provided to many organisations during the past 30 years.

Sarah Haughey

We are really looking forward to Good Relations Week 2020! For the past 30 years Community Relations Council has provided investment and support to people and organisations building peace at the local level. They have supported our work at the Irish Football Association from the very beginning and we look forward to continuing to work alongside CRC as embrace the future together.

Michael Boyd
Irish Football Association Foundation

Good Relations Week illustrates the sometimes small but practical steps that many organisations and individuals are taking to help make Northern Ireland a more peaceful and welcoming place as we build united communities together.

Marie Louise McClarey
Building Communities Resource Centre

The projects and activities showcased in Good Relations Week are examples of the practical actions which people can take throughout our society to build united communities.

Oliver Morgan
Mid Ulster Council