Welcome to Good Relations Week. Our theme this year is “People Making Change for Peace”. Every year during Good Relations Week we showcase hundreds of events. These events are full of people playing an active part in creating and sustaining good relationships across the community. Their commitment to the importance of community relationships is what we want to celebrate this year.

Good Relations Week 2019 celebrates seemingly ordinary people who are actually remarkable. They are remarkable because they have decided not to leave it to someone else; they make a contribution. They may not live their lives in the spotlight but they are at the core of the story of peace. They are the energy that drives peacebuilding and a united community.

Without the willingness of ordinary people to get involved, nothing happens. Living together peacefully is not the job of someone else. Peace is won or lost by all of us and the choices we make in our everyday lives. That is a power not to be wasted. Everything we do, all our actions in the here and now, however big or small, shape the future that is coming towards us bit by bit.

So please get involved and encourage your family and friends to also find ways to bring good community relationships into the heart of our everyday lives.

I am grateful to all those who have taken the time to organise something during the week. I hope you enjoy the programme this year and please keep an eye on our website as more events are being listed daily.

Thank you for joining with us to celebrate the people who are determined to live peacefully here.

We look forward to seeing you during Good Relations Week.

Jacqueline Irwin

Chief Executive
Community Relations Council

Good Relations Week is coordinated by the Community Relations Council in conjunction with The Executive Office and the Department for Communities.