September, 2019

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02sepAll Day28Migrant Memories of World War 1 Exhibition

02sepAll Day30My World Art Exhibition by Minnie Cassidy

03sepAll Day29Under the Same Blue Sky

05sepAll Day05octCordon Sanitaire

10sepAll Day30Poetry Jukebox - Hungering

14sepAll Day21Launch of Sharing Our Place Initiative

16sepAll Day21Museum Without a Home

16sepAll Day21Psychedelic, Hitchcock Belfast by Lise McGreevy

16sepAll Day21Art Exhibition - On loan from HM Prison Magilligan

16sepAll Day21Make Them Visible

16sepAll Day21Healing Through Harmonies

16sepAll Day21Invite OnlyUniting for Space!

16sepAll Day21Art Exhibition - On loan from HM Prison Magilligan

16sepAll Day21Art Exhibition

16sepAll Day20Back to the Future: Young people's perspectives on conflict and peace

16sepAll Day20Joining Up: Reconciliation and Education

16sepAll Day21Exhibition of Artwork and Ceramics

16sepAll Day22Connect at Portadown Wellness Centre

16sepAll Day22Cultural Voices

16sepAll Day22Troubles Art

16sepAll Day22Photographic Art Exhibition

16sepAll Day20Found Art of Good Relations Exhibition

17sepAll Day23A Part of Belfast Now Exhibition

17sepAll Day24Invite OnlyCommunity Integration Primary School Programme

17sepAll Day20WITHOUT by Rosemary Lee and Echo Echo

18sep10:0016:30Invite OnlyPeace by Peace

18sep10:0016:00Making Change for Peace: Make Democracy Democratic in Northern Ireland

18sep10:0015:00Invite OnlyWomen - Champions of Peacebuilding

18sep10:0014:00Booking EssentialLiving Library

18sep10:0013:00Invite OnlyGood Relations and Cultural Awareness Youth Programme

18sep10:1514:30Invite OnlyYoung Drivers Initiative

18sep10:3012:00Invite OnlyForthspring Senior Ladies Dance Workshop

18sep10:3011:30Ripton Lindsay's “Give Peace a Dance” Afro-Caribbean Dance Workshop

18sep10:3012:00Derry Central Library Creative Writing Group

18sep11:0012:30Invite Only#SELFIE Project - Celebration Event

18sep11:0012:30Building the Future - Research Project Launch

18sep12:0014:30Invite OnlyCreativity for Good Relations

18sep13:0014:00Lecture by Rev. David Latimer

18sep13:0014:00People Making Change for Peace

18sep14:0016:00Sporting Memories & Memorabilia

18sep14:0015:00White Flag – Mark Smulian in Creative Conversation

18sep14:0016:00Creative Writing Group (Theme: People making change for Peace)

18sep14:0016:00Forward Together Podcast Panel

18sep14:0016:301916 Historical Walking Tour

18sep14:3015:15Fifty Years of Queen’s Film Theatre - Talk by Dr Sam Manning

18sep15:0017:00Invite OnlyCelebrating Collaboration

18sep15:0017:00Faith, Courage and Civic Society

18sep15:3016:30Invite OnlyForthspring Drumming Workshop

18sep16:0017:00Making a Change for Peace Through Storytelling

18sep16:0017:00Derry Central Library Discussion Group

18sep16:0018:00Theatre of Witness

18sep16:0019:00Invite OnlyNeighbours - A Welcoming Event

18sep17:0019:00Hello Neighbour

18sep17:3018:30Tree of Reconciliation - Talk by Gordon Archer

18sep17:3019:00My Story Your Story

18sep18:0021:30Booking EssentialDiversity University – Let’s Get Quizzical!

18sep18:3019:00Invite OnlyNo Hate Here! Ending Hate Crime in Our Borough

18sep19:0021:00Booking EssentialRebels, Radicals, Royalists and Loyalists


18sep19:0020:30Between the Bells – Stories of Reconciliation from Corrymeela

18sep19:0020:30Is there anything new to be said about Brexit?

18sep19:0021:00Meet Your Neighbour Café Cultural Event

18sep19:0021:00Don’t Shoot My Wane Shoot Me! - Performance, Discussion and Debate

18sep19:0021:00Invite OnlySmall Worlds Café Style Workshop

18sep19:0021:00Making Time and Space for God: Lessons from a journey along the Camino de Santiago

18sep19:0021:30Tenx9: Peace

19sepAll DayInvite OnlyRefugee Awareness – Small Worlds Café

19sep09:3012:30A Time of Change – Ireland 1919 -1921

19sep09:3017:00Booking EssentialDementia Friendly Virtual Reality Bus

19sep10:0015:00Our Common Christian Heritage / Columba

19sep10:0012:00Invite OnlyShow Me the Way…Sport Not Sectarianism Workshop

19sep10:0013:00How Environmental Awareness Can Promote Peace Building

19sep10:0013:30Booking EssentialExploring Our Space

19sep11:0013:00Invite OnlyCRED Inclusion Training

19sep11:0015:00Invite OnlyAnti-Sectarianism and Cultural Awareness Training

19sep11:3015:30The Walled City 400 Years - Living History Performances

19sep11:3013:30Invite Only“A Part of Belfast”

19sep12:30The Walled City 400 Years - Living History Performances

19sep13:0014:30History of the Headstones

19sep13:30The Walled City 400 Years - Living History Performances

19sep14:0015:30Is There a Middle Ground in NI Politics?

19sep14:30The Walled City 400 Years - Living History Performances

19sep14:3016:00One Land Many Voices – Making Change for Peace

19sep15:3018:00Booking EssentialInternational Decade for People of African Descent | Discussion & Planning

19sep15:3017:30Invite OnlyFelden Drum Circle

19sep16:0018:00Invite OnlyPeople 4 Peace

19sep16:0017:00Making a Change for Peace Through Storytelling

19sep16:3018:30Organising Against Sectarianism

19sep17:0019:00The Story of Yes - Film Screening and Conversation

19sep17:0020:00Islamic Faith Tradition Workshop

19sep18:0019:30Invite OnlyMajority Voting as a Catalyst of Populism

19sep18:3019:30Cara Monaghan and Guests

19sep18:3020:30Invite OnlyMedia Initiative for Children - Information Session

19sep19:0021:00Bangor Scribes Creative Writing Group

19sep19:0020:30Invite OnlyCreative Youth Programme - Celebration Event

19sep19:0021:30Climate Action for Peace

19sep19:0021:00Invite OnlyLeading Ladies

19sep19:0021:00Presentation of Textile Art

19sep20:0022:00Best Foot Forward

20sepAll DayCulture Night

20sepAll DayInvite OnlyYouth Initiatives Volunteer Leadership Training

20sepAll DayInvite OnlyEU Settlement Scheme Support Clinic for staff

20sepAll Day23The Orange Tree Festival

20sepAll DayInvite OnlyOCN Level 2 in Understanding Commemorations

20sep10:0013:00Northern Ireland to Algeria: Dealing with contested memories through education

20sep10:0011:00Invite OnlyTaikoLove on Tour!

20sep10:0012:00Blessed Are the Peacemakers

20sep10:0012:00Invite OnlyPEACE IV MFT Programme Launch

20sep10:0013:00Where to Next for Reconciliation?

20sep11:0012:30ESOL Reading and Conversation Class

20sep11:0013:00Booking EssentialHow We Make Our Voices Heard

20sep11:0014:00Invite OnlyPeople Making Change for Peace: Indo-Irish Perspectives

20sep11:3015:30The Walled City 400 Years - Living History Performances

20sep12:0015:00Invite OnlyFootball for All

20sep12:30The Walled City 400 Years - Living History Performances

20sep13:30The Walled City 400 Years - Living History Performances

20sep13:3015:30Invite OnlyBelfast City Council’s Good Relations Strategy Launch

20sep14:0015:00Walled Garden Launch

20sep14:30The Walled City 400 Years - Living History Performances

20sep14:3015:30Peace of Poetry

20sep15:0016:00Come Sign with Me

20sep16:0022:00Culture Night 2019

20sep17:0023:00Hungarian Folk Exhibition

20sep17:3019:30Young Holywood Culture Night

20sep18:3021:30Good Relations Week Outdoor Cinema

20sep19:0020:00A Gaelic Map of Belfast

20sep19:0021:00International Citizenship Project

20sep19:0021:30Remain Resident in the UK and Contribute to Building Our Common Life in NI After Brexit

20sep19:0000:00Invite OnlyGala Dinner

20sep19:0021:30Unity in Peace Building - Day One

20sep19:0023:00Come On, On In

21sepAll DayCulture Day

21sepAll DayInvite OnlyCamps in the Community

21sep09:3016:30The Paris Peace Conference 1919

21sep11:0012:00Making a Change for Peace Through Storytelling

21sep11:0012:30Mock Trial & Courthouse Tour

21sep11:0013:00DARE to Tell Stories